[12.08.17][JTBC Twitter] The legal age till male can access female public bath?

The legal age till male can access female public bath?

After the correct answer is revealed, two person answering seven years old(Minwoo) and first grade(Dongwan)were being arrested by Hyesung ㅎㅎ

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Shinhwa Broadcast> Kim Dong Wan, the past where he had a crush on a woman…Meeting at a venue that cant be met! Shinhwa, the confession of “accessing female public bath” during their childhood! Tomorrow (8/18 Sat) 11:10pm Broadcast

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[12.08.16][Dongwan Naver Blog] Main page update

The break after 20 months, but I have forgotten how to take a proper rest.

There are too many things that I have to handle that its hard to leave them behind.

After working crazily for so long, I do not like the peace and quiet that I have now.

Recharge before autumn arrive…

What should I do?


One of the large load that I am having on hand.


Working on gundam Mk2.


When will I able to color it…


I am sitting on a desk that I bought to study to make Gundam…ㅜㅠ


[12.08.14][Liveworks twitter] Kim Dong Wan, will have his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan on Aug. 19th

Kim Dong Wan, will have his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan on Aug. 19th!
<2012 KIM DONG WAN Fan meeting ‘THE PRESENT’> in Taiwan

Kim Dong Wan will have his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan on Aug. 19th.(Sun)
‘2012 KIM DONG WAN Fan meeting <THE PRESENT> in Taiwan’ will be held at Taipei International Convention Center (台北國際會議中心’TICC’) in Taiwan at 6:30pm on Aug.19th.

Kim Dong Wan’s first fan meeting <THE PRESENT>, with the title ‘the only one present at this moment with DONG WAN’, is highly expected from home and foreign fans of Kim Dong Wan who has been a member of ‘ShinHwa” for 14 years, a solo singer, a musical actor, a TV star and a movie star because it’s his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan.

For Taiwanese fans with steady affection and support, Kim Dong Wan will sing his hit numbers ‘Handkerchief’, ‘The song of wind’, ‘The girl on the 2nd floor’ and ‘The Origin of Love’ from musical ‘Hedwig’ in which he enthusiastically performed as a lead actor and proved his potential as an actor.

Especially Kim Dong Wan studied Chinese for this fan meeting. He will sing Shin Seung Hoon’s ‘I Believe’ in Korean and Chinese in fan meeting. There will be an enthusiastic response from Taiwanese fans thanks to meticulous preparation and special stage.

Kim Dong Wan has played the part of Jae Pil in the hot movie ‘Deranged’ and established as a movie star once more. Now he is reviewing scenarios for his next movie, and concentrating on making efforts day and night to become an excellent actor.

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[12.08.12][Dongwan’s Naver Blog]Main page update

As one man was taking a walk at night, he saw someone standing under the street lamp, searching for something.

The man who was taking a walk asked

“Are you looking for something?”

The man replied.

“Car keys”

The man who was taking a walk said.

“I will help you”

Hence the two started to search hard for the keys. But the keys were not easily found.

After a few minutes, the man who was taking a walk asked again.

“Are you sure you dropped your keys here?”

The man who lost the keys replied like this.

“Actually I dropped it at the previous road”

The man who helped look for the keys felt it was absurd and asked again.

“Then, if it’s so, why are you searching for it here?”

Therefore, the man replied.

“Because there is light here


If you’re searching for love from a wrong person, you will not be happy.

Because of that, even love, you have to study

If you know clearly who you have to be careful of, when you get married you can avoid making a grave mistake.

I don’t know why people take learning this so easy.

It’s not as though we can live life a few times.


How to love – gordon livingston


-p.s. Firstly, don’t go to the wrong places.


[12.08.12][News] Kim Dong Wan becomes the number 1 most wanted friend in Shinhwa, why? “Like Yoo Sae Yoon” Bitter

Kim Dong Wan is the most wanted Shinhwa member to be friends with.

The rankings of “The friend who the 20s and 30s most wanted to make friends with” was unveiled in Shinhwa Broadcast episode that was broadcasted on 11th.

Voting results, Kim Dong Wan was ranked number 1 with 33 votes, JunJin second with 24 votes, Andy third with 17 votes, Eric fourth with 11 votes, MinWoo 5th with 6 votes. Shin Hye Sung was ranked last with 5 votes.

They explained why they voted for Kim Dong Wan. The reasons are: Looks friendly, doesnt seem fake, looks like Yoo Sae Yoon. Kim Dong Wan looked bitter after hearing that he looked like Yoo Sae Yoon.

The reasons for choosing JunJin: He seems like a friend who will treat us drinks, seems to play well, and seems to be very loyal to friends. Reason for choosing Andy: He looks wealthy, will be able to have delicious food when we are playing together, looks kind hearted.”

And the reason for choosing Eric: He is just as handsome as Middle East oil tycoon Mansour, same age as me.

source: newsen


[12.08.12][News] Shinhwa Broadcast, Dongwan’s mouth billard showdown “Laughter”

“Friend who is good at sports”, the first mission was a 5:5 billard showdown. Dongwan’s meddling drew laughter from the crowd.

JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast “The Best Friend” was broadcasted on the 11th. 50 men were judges and had to observe Shinhwa through all the tasks and select “The Best Friend”. All 50 judges sat at the area of their chosen member. The first mission “Friend who is good in sports” was a 5:5 billard showdonw.

‘5:5 billard’ meant to have a 1 vs 1 showdown where each contestant has to enter 5 balls.

In the first match between JunJin and Dongwan, JunJin won the match 3 vs 2. Eric won the match as he competed against Andy, and MinWoo won when playing against Hyesung.

During the games, Dongwan kept giving ideas, making people feel burden, acting as a “Meddling king”, drewing laughter from everyone. Seeing Dongwan enthusiastically participating, Eric said “Those who are sitting in Dongwan’s area, its alright if you start moving.”

source: xsportsnews