About Shinhwa Singapore

Hello to all you Shinhwa fans in Singapore! It’s probably long overdue… But yes, we’ve finally getting something going for fans on our sunny little island!

If you were at Shinhwa’s “The Return in Singapore” concert on 16 June 2012 at RWS, you probably remember receiving mini-banners and flags. In fact, some of you probably remember making and giving out those mini-banners and flags (hugs to all you awesome volunteers^^) And then we realised, if we had a dedicated fanclub/page/site for fans in Singapore, it would have been so much easier to get things done.

So here we are, an unofficial fanclub/page/site for Shinhwa fans in Singapore since there have been many fans here who have asked us about getting involved in fan projects and other events – just like what we did for 16 June 2012^^

Though we’re NOT an official fanclub and neither are we related to SHCJ in Korea in any way, please still join us and give us your support, and there will be definitely more fun events & activities coming your way!

Meanwhile, you can also follow us onTwitter and Facebook!

Have fun! ^^

우리는 신화창조입니다!
We are Shinhwa Changjo!


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