[Closed] Shinhwa Singapore Rice Stand for 16th Anniversary Concert

It’s that time of the year again!^^ The 16th Anniversary concert is just days away! Sorry for being late – we’ve all been very busy at work ㅜㅜ

We know this year we have lots of reps from Singapore heading to the concert so obviously we need to make our presence felt, right? ^^

Over the past few years, our rice stand has grown from this:


To this:


And this:

Let’s try to do better for the boys this year! Especially since they need all the support they can get this time round ㅜㅜ


Shinhwa Singapore is now appealing to fans in Singapore to contribute cash donations for the rice stand!

Firstly, let us emphasize that there are NO obligations to donate, but if you are able and willing to make a contribution and join us in our support efforts, we’d really really appreciate it^^

If you wish to contribute (remember, no amount is too small…every cent counts!), here are the bank transfer details:

POSB Savings Account 209-23318-5 (Account holder: Nicole Ow Yeong)

After you’ve done so, please drop us an email at shinhwa.spore@gmail.com to let us have your name and contribution amount so that we can verify on our end.^^

Looking forward to hearing from all of you~~~!^^


3 thoughts on “[Closed] Shinhwa Singapore Rice Stand for 16th Anniversary Concert

  1. Hi , 

    I had transferred the amount of $50.00 to your bank account.  Today’s date 9/03/2014 Time 22.05

    Thanks for your hard work.

    Caroline Meow

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