[CLOSED][200 copies only] Pre-order for Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert DVD

200 copies of Shinhwa’s 15th Anniversary Concert DVD for fans in Singapore to preorder!

SHINHWA 15TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT DVD (pls note this is the March 2013 concert)

Price: 44,000KRW (excluding shipping) – approx S$53

Package: 3 Discs + Photo Handy Notebook (112 Pages) + SPECIAL GIFT – Key Ring

Region Code: 1, 3

Duration: Disc 1 : 100 Min , Disc 2: 62 Mins, Disc 3: 30 mins

Subtitle: Korean, English, Chinese

Aspect: NTSC 16:9 Widescreen


If you’re interested in joining the preorder, please email us at shinhwa.spore@gmail.com in the following format, by 11.00pm (SG time) on 9th December 2013 (Monday).

IMPORTANT: There are only limited copies available worldwide, so we’re only able to take orders for up to 200 copies. We will go by chronological order of your email orders to decide on the final allocation (i.e. first-come-first-served). Please also refrain from ordering on behalf of your overseas friends as we would like as many fans in Singapore as possible to own the DVD. Appreciate your understanding!

Email subject: [Shinhwa 15th DVD] *Your name*

Contact number:


After we receive your email order, you will receive a confirmation email from us within 2 days. We will then follow up with an email with payment details by 15th Dec. The DVDs should reach us hopefully sometime in early Jan 2014, and we’ll arrange for the collection meet-up towards mid-Jan 2014 or so. 

Pls note that:

– We will NOT accept any more orders after 11.00pm (SG time) on 9th December 2013

– This is open only to fans who stay in Singapore

– Collections will be done only via meet-up – no mailing, sorry!


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