[MASS ORDER] Grand Finale Merchandise

Nicole’s note: I apologise for the Google Doc error. 

PRICE EXCLUDING SHIPPING IS AS STATED ON THE IMAGE. Shipping charges to be confirmed at a later date, after we confirm the final order quantity.


If you’re interested in joining the Shinhwa Singapore mass order. please email us at shinhwa.spore@gmail.com in the following format, by 11.00pm (Singapore time) on 25th August 2013 (Thursday).

Email subject: [GRAND FINALE MERCHANDISE] Your name

Contact number:
Item & Quantity:


Email subject: [GRAND FINALE MERCHANDISE] Kim Dongwan

Name: Kim Dongwan
Contact number: 91234567
Item & Quantity:  Lightstick x 2, Cool Scarf x 1

After we receive your email, we will email you the a confirmation email and then payment details. Do note that:

– We will NOT accept any more email orders after 11.00pm (Singapore time) on 25th August 2013

– This is open only to fans who reside in Singapore

– Collections will be done only via meet-up


Screen shot 2013-08-26 at AM 11.11.03


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