[Encore concert] Shinhwa Singapore fan support!

Seeking support from all fans in Singapore for Shinhwa’s Encore concert in Seoul on Aug 3-4!!!


In March this year, Shinhwa Singapore managed to raise $1.060 to contribute a fantabulous (it is! ㅋㅋ) 200kg rice stand for Shinhwa’s 15th Anniversary concert:

Pretty impressive, yes? Ok lah… not bad lah right!^^

As you all know by now, the Encore concert is happening in a month and Shinhwa Singapore is planning to contribute a rice stand again – if possible, we hope to at least do as well as, if not better than, what we did in March^^

Also – we welcome all design talents (we know there are lots of you out there!) to help out with the design of the rice stand banner because we want to make an impression! Just drop us an email with your designs ( one middle banner ,110cm X 110cm and one A4 banner ) at shinhwa.spore@gmail.com by 29th July 2013, 11pm Singapore time.


If we do manage to raise more than our target, we’d also like to look into presenting the members with some nice gifts on behalf of Shinhwa Singapore, and maybe cheering tools for Singapore fans heading to the concert too. So if you’re heading to Seoul for the Encore concert, let us know! And suggestions are most welcome!


So to make our presence felt in Seoul again, Shinhwa Singapore is now appealing to fans in Singapore to contribute cash donations^^

Once again, let us emphasize that there are NO obligations to donate, because these oppas have done quite some damage to our bank accounts this year… >.< But if you are able to and wish to contribute (remember, no amount is too small…every cent counts!) – you can make your contribution via the following methods:

Interbank Transfer: POSB Savings Account 209-23318-5 (Account holder name: Nicole Ow Yeong)

Do drop us an email at shinhwa.spore@gmail.com and let us know how much you’ve transferred so that we can verify and get back to you^^

Looking forward to hearing from all of you~~~!^^


2 thoughts on “[Encore concert] Shinhwa Singapore fan support!

  1. Will be heading over to Seoul for the Encore concert this year ! ( * super excited ! )
    Anyone else going ? =)
    ( Just saw this post, will be doing the transfer this evening)

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