CLOSED – [STORY BOOK] ShinSing mass preorder details

Now taking pre-orders for Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary ‘THE RETURN’ Story Book!

PRICE EXCLUDING SHIPPING: 24,000KRW (approximately SGD27.40 according to current exchange rates).
Shipping charges to be confirmed at a later date, after we confirm the final order quantity.


We’re not sure if this comes with any additional items other than 4 x 6 paper photo frame e.g. postcards – but we will update as and when we hear from our supplier.

If you’re interested in joining the Shinhwa Singapore mass order. please email us at in the following format, by 11.00pm (Singapore time) on 16th March 2013:

Email subject: [STORY BOOK] Your name

Contact number:


Email subject: [STORY BOOK] Park Choong Jae

Name: Park Choong Jae
Contact number: 91234567
Quantity: 2

After we receive your email, we will inform you of the payment details. Do note that:

– We will NOT accept any more email orders after 11.00pm (Singapore time) on 16th March 2013.

– This is open only to fans who reside in Singapore

– Collections will be done only via meet-up (most probably early-mid April 2013).

Looking forward to your emails!^^


14 thoughts on “CLOSED – [STORY BOOK] ShinSing mass preorder details

    1. The more orders we have the cheaper the shipping, but if we use examples from the DVDs, it shouldn’t exceed $3-4. Hopefully the books aren’t too heavy!

      1. It’s about 1.6kg from what I saw on DVDHeaven. It’s pretty much as big as The Return limited edition. The photobook is hardcover and heavy. Is about $22 for the cheapest shipping to Canada with DVDHeaven 😦

        Probably a lot less to S’pore thou

  1. Oops sorry i mean four coppies of it btw how i do pay cos i dont have pay pal can i pay when i colletc the thing that time

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