Support ShinSing’s fan support campaign for 15th Anniversary Concert!

It’s that time of the year again!^^ The 15th Anniversary concert is just 22 days away!! Time to get started on the support initiatives for the concert!! And seeking support from all fans in Singapore!!!


Last year, fans from Singapore managed to raise about $500 to contribute a considerably impressive (well, at least according to us ㅋㅋ) 170kg rice wreath for Shinhwa’s 14th Anniversary concert:


Interestingly, the fundraising efforts from back then actually laid the foundation for Shinhwa Singapore, as it was then we realised that it was time for Shinhwa fans in Singapore to make our presence felt…

But anyway, back to the point – for this year’s concert (just 22 days away!), we’re planning to contribute a rice wreath again – if possible, we hope to at least do as well as, if not better than, what we did last year.



If possible, we’d like to present the members with some nice gifts on behalf of Shinhwa Singapore. Suggestions are most welcome!

Here’s what we prepared for the boys when they were in town last year:





For those who attended Shinhwa’s Singapore concert last year, remember this?^^

At the moment, we’re not sure how many fans from Singapore have managed to score tickets to the Seoul Concert (please leave a comment below if you’re going so that we can inform you of any special activities/events^^). But we do hope to have some unique Shinhwa Singapore fan cheer items that fans from Singapore (or Shinhwa fans from anywhere for that matter) can use during the concert. Once again, suggestions are most welcome~ Just leave your comments below!


So to achieve all the ambitious plans above, Shinhwa Singapore is now appealing to fans in Singapore to contribute cash donations^^ Our proposed breakdown of the total funds raised will be as such:

70% – Rice Wreath
20% – Gifts for members
10% – Fan support items

Firstly, let us emphasize that there are NO obligations to donate, because well, in the words of our parents, money doesn’t grow on trees or fall from the skies (we still wish though!), not to mention that we still have to set aside money for their DVDs, albums and the upcoming STORY BOOK etc…

But if you do wish to contribute (remember, no amount is too small…every cent counts!) – please drop us an email at and we will let you know the methods of donation.^^

Looking forward to hearing from all of you~~~!^^


3 thoughts on “Support ShinSing’s fan support campaign for 15th Anniversary Concert!

  1. 14th Anniversay concert is a night I felt its memmorable 15th shall be better.If I can have tickets to see them,I want to celebrate with them once again we are a dot in the world map,and they mentioned Singapore..I felt happy.Shinwa Singapore we have to let them we love them and there for them.
    For those who already have tickets to the concert have a fun and great time with them.

  2. Hi 🙂 can I check with u guys, do ur know any way that I can buy 2 shinhwa conert tickets? Actually I had booked the flight ticket n also the hotel for the concert already however I unable to buy the tickets 😦 do anyone can help it ? Appreaciate

    1. Sorry to have seen your message so late… Well the tickets from Interpark are all sold out, but we don’t want you heading for the black market tickets either… You may want to try Tourtainment? They’re the official tour agency for the concert, but they do charge very steep prices for the tickets (USD800) for both nights because they include a tour package. You can download the application form from for more details.

      Alternatively, we can try publicizing your requests via our Facebook and Twitter, and see if anyone may have tickets they want to give up? Let us know…

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