[CLOSED] [Pre-order] Shinhwa 14th Anniversary Concert DVD ‘ GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL’ (Singapore only)

As announced by Shinhwa Company:


Now taking pre-orders for Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary Seoul Concert DVD ‘GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL’!

PRICE EXCLUDING SHIPPING: 29,000KRW (approximately SGD31 according to current exchange rate).
Shipping charges to be confirmed at a later date, after we confirm the final order quantities.

We’re not sure if this DVD comes with any extras e.g. postcards, posters – but we will update as and when we hear from our supplier.

If you’re interested in joining the Shinhwa Singapore . please email us at shinhwa.spore@gmail.com in the following format, by 12pm (Singapore time) on 14th December 2012:

Email subject: [SEOUL CONCERT DVD] Your name

Contact number:

Here’s an example:

Email subject: [SEOUL CONCERT DVD] Jung Pil Gyo

Name: Jung Pil Gyo
Contact number: 91234567

Quantity: 2

After we receive your email, we will inform you of the payment details. Don’t worry too much about payment transfer yet, we just need the quantity to place the order first. Do note that:

– We will NOT accept any more emails after 12pm (Singapore time) on 14th December 2012.

– This is open only to fans who reside in Singapore

– Collection of the DVD will be done only via meet-up (most probably early-mid January 2013).

Looking forward to your emails!^^



6 thoughts on “[CLOSED] [Pre-order] Shinhwa 14th Anniversary Concert DVD ‘ GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL’ (Singapore only)

  1. Name: Marenn

    Contact number: 85220370 Quantity: 2

    Thanks a lot!

    Note: pls ignore the message I sent earlier, it has the wrong email subject. Sorry for the mistake.


    Sent from my iPhone

  2. I’ve picked up my DVD from you last weekend and love it ! Thank you for your hard work coordinating this purchase, and I’m looking forward to supporting more of Shinhwa Singapore’s event ( didn’t realise that we have a local fanclub until this event *face palm )

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