[Selling] Shinhwa Items (Singapore only)

IF INTERESTED, Please contact @jesW21 on twitter! Thank you

1 x Junjin Poster (B&W) $4

1 x Shinhwa Winter Story ($5)

1 x Eric It’s Skin paper bag ($2)

1 x Shinhwa 2006 Tour (SOTA) postcard set

New items: Shinhwa 10th anniversary official merchandises – Paper Bags

Small – $5

Big – $12

1 x DW /HS handphone cleaner straps

1 x Shinhwa hairpin set

2 x Eric It’s Skin Poster ($3)

1 x Shinhwa (SOTA) Poster ($5)

1 x Junjin Poster ($4)


4 thoughts on “[Selling] Shinhwa Items (Singapore only)

  1. Hi~ i’m interesting with the posters. but since i’m in indonesia is it okay if i pay it first and then later my friend will pick it up later at this december? she will go to singapore this december 🙂

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