[12.10.08][News] Shinhwa fans created dreame rice wreath 5 years ago, Kim Dong Wan fanmeet support

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan held his “2012 Kim Dong Wan Fanmeeting – The Present in Korea” on 7th october, 5pm at Yonsei University Main Auditorium. Together with the fans from all over the world, they have been supporting and donating Dreame rice wreath for 5 years. Fans from “Da capo””Wing’s House””Shincapok” etc have donated 160kg of rice in support for Kim Dong Wan fanmeeting.

Fans from worldwide first started dreame rice wreath in support for longest running idol group Shinhwa, and it began to spread quickly around the world. They started donating the rice wreaths in 11th August 2007 during Shin Hye Sung’s solo concert. Today, they have created the legend of rice wreath support culture.

Fans had donated a total of 210 rice wreaths weighing 10.5 tonnes within these 5 years for 16 events such as Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary, Kim Dong Wan’s 2008 showcase, Eric’s 2011 fanmeet, Andy’s 2011 military discharge, Kim Dong Wan’s Hedwig music in 2011 etc, supporting and cheering for Shinhwa and at the same time, helping the needy.

In particular, on 24th and 25th March, Shinhwa comeback concert “The Return”, about 90 dreame rice wreathe weighing 6 tonnes (6020kg) filled the concert venue at the Olympic Stadium, amazing many.

On the other hand, Kim Dong Wan not only sang his hit songs during the fanmeet, he also had game segment where he gave out presents. This fanmeet was first proposed by Kim Dong Wan. Kim Dong Wan’s popularity is felt, with the tickets being sold out in just 5 minutes. Kim Dong Wan’s daily drama <Cheer Up, Mr Kim> will be airing in November.

source: newswire and dreame


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