[12.09.19] Junjin and Park Joo-hyun, “Fond of each other, but not in a relationship yet”

Shinhwa member Junjin (32) has commented on the rumors regarding him being in a romantic relationship with SPICA member Park Joo-hyun (26).

A Shinhwa Company rep told Star News on 18th September, “We’ve verified this with Junjin, he said he has known Park Joo-hyun for a long time, and since early this year, they’ve become fond of each another.”

The rep went on to emphasize, “But they’re not in a relationship yet.”

According to the rep, “With SPICA’s impending comeback, Junjin’s worried about whether the news will be perceived as noise marketing and if Park Joo-hyun will be affected. It’s definitely not noise marketing.”

Earlier this morning, a source (AGAIN! Where’s the management agency when you need them??) close to SPICA told Star News, “It’s true that Park Joo-hyun is seeing Junjin. They respect each other a lot but because on many levels they’re still very cautious about it.”

The source said, “In Park Joo-hyun’s case, she’s still a newcomer and with the group’s new album coming soon, some people may say that this is noise marketing, but this is definitely not the case.”

Judging from statements from Junjin and Park Joo-hyun, it seems that both of them are not officially in a relationship yet, but are fond of each other and just starting to date. Both sides have given a cautious stand.

Junjin made his debut in 1998 as a Shinhwa member and has since been active in the fields of music, variety and dramas. Park Joo-hyun made her debut early this year as a member of girl group SPICA.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa


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