[12.09.15][News] Shin Hye Sung Sounds Like Psy?

Already known to be an avid fan of Psy’s Gangnam Style, Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung mimicked Psy’s voice on jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast

The Shinhwa members split into two teams to search for a hidden treasure. On the way to the next mission destination, Shin Hye Sung revealed, “I went to a karaoke room and sang Gangnam Style and the people there all said that my voice was very similar to Psy’s voice.”

Jun Jin and Kim Dong Wan, who were also on the same team as Shin Hye Sung, told him to prove it. Shin Hye Sung then sang the song, creating an energetic atmosphere inside the van, making Jun Jin join in the fun.

Following the performance, Kim Dong Wan admitted that Shin Hye Sung does sound a bit like Psy.

Shinhwa already showed that they were big fans of Psy and his Gangnam Style when the members got up and danced every time the song played during a past episode of Shinhwa Broadcast.

Shin Hye Sung’s imitation of Psy will air on September 15.

Photo Credit: jTBC

CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

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