[12.09.14][News] Shinhwa Andy’s Newest Group, 100% Gears Up for Big Debut

First there was Shinhwa, then Teen Top, and now 100% will have its chance to rise to stardom with its upcoming debut.

100%, consisting of Min Woo, Rok Hyun, Chan Yong, Chang Bum, Sang Hoon, and Hyun Jin, will make its debut on September 18 with its fresh debut album WE, 100%. The group’s main promotional single will be Bad Guy.

Super Changddai, who wrote and produced all the songs on 100%’s album, said, “100% is an anticipated rookie group, who is skilled with musical abilities and unique vocals.”

The rookie group was also featured on Arirang TV Pops In Seoul’s new segment, ‘New Star.com,’ as the first featured group, allowing its name to be broadcasted to 188 countries on September 13.

A teaser for 100% will be released on September 14 and 16.

Photo Credit: T.O.P Media

CR:  CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

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