[12.09.10] [Video] Shinhwa’s Performance of ‘I Pray 4 U’ Named Legendary by ‘Must’ (eNewsworld)

The September 8 broadcast of Mnet’s Must looked back on the ‘Legend of the Legends’ in a special episode.

And when you’re talking about legends, you can’t leave out the long-running group Shinhwa, which is legend in both name and existence.

In a May episode of Must, Shinhwa had graced the stage with many performances including one of the smash hit I Pray 4 U, and this was the one that made it into the special episode as a legendary performance on the show.

I Pray 4 U is a single from the group’s fifth album, and gathered popularity at the time for its mellow theme fit for the summer and the members’ refreshing voices.

The episode also featured legendary performances by Kim Kyung Ho, LeeSsang and BMK.



CR:    CJ E&M enewsWorld Erika Kim


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