[09.09.21 Fan Account] 28 Nights and 29 Days of “SPECTACULAR LIVING WITH ERIC” PART III

Anyway a week went by like that (hul I’m only up to one week? T_T)

In the second week, the day came when we had to pick the head of the squadron and the platoon (among the trainees). The head of the platoon is supposed to manage our platoon and the head of the squad is supposed to be the head of each squad 1, 2, 3, 4 and takes responsibility for each squad.  I was in squad 1 and the sergeant asked who wants to be the head of the squad?  But no one raised their hand, and I didn’t raise my hand either because I wasn’t really interested. But then!  Eric-gun recommended me…

Eric-gun said: ‘I recommend Kim Bo-Sung! I think he’ll be really good at it! hehe’

Haha and cuz Eric-gun suddenly said that the people around us were like ‘Ooh~~’ and I felt really good.. So I said I would do it lol and we decided who would be our 4 squadron heads. The platoon head was of course Eric-gun hehe and time went by again. And we soldiers on reservist duty got basic training just like the active soldiers. Guerrilla training, individual combat, CBR training and all… One day after the guerrilla training they said they would let us take a bath!

I know it’s the same with the active soldiers but you know they don’t let you take baths very often.  Especially in the Fall and Spring haha…  It was the first time we took a bath since we had come here, but… I…. have… a lot of hair on my body… lol  Some people say it looks really cool (comforting myself… hahaha), some say it’s really gross LOL  If you just look at it you just think that I have a lot of hair. It’s on a whole new level from normal people (Whole new level..?? LOL)

Anyway I went into the washroom and tried to find a good spot and found that Eric-gun was next to me. He was a little surprised and told me to go away and called me a beast lol Cute!.He made fun of my hair and curled it up LOL and we just washed each other’s backs like brothers ‘-^v (Eric-gun has a nice body..hehe) That was the best bath of my life.. Yes it was!! Haha

Oh right and I keep calling him Eric-ssi, Eric-gun and such but at that time I called him ‘Jung Hyuk hyung~’ and called him by his real name

And another thing Eric-gun is a real gentleman and upholder of justice… He really hates badmouthing people behind their backs… One time we badmouthed some guy from another platoon (when he wasn’t there) and Eric-gun told us to stop. At first he just gave us a little warning but two days later we did it again sorta imitating the guy’s actions; And Eric got really mad: ‘You **** I told you to stop last time. Would you like it if it happened to you?’  He told us off like that T_T  We were all so scared… After that we didn’t do it again T_T  Even in other situations, Eric didn’t hold back when he thought something was wrong… He tried to do all the hard and difficult work himself, and for 4 weeks he worked really hard.

Anyway the time passed (Uh? LOL)

About 4~5 days before we left we had our last religious gathering (which we go every weekend, Eric-gun was Catholic like us).  He suddenly gave me his notepad and asked me for my phone number…  I learned later that there were only 3 people who he asked first for their phone numbers (me, another guy who was a squadron head and a guy in platoon 3).  He told me to keep in touch, and later when we have the time and we have a gathering he told me he would make contact through me.  I was so thankful and touched… lol

Out of all those people in our squad I’m probably the only person who knows his number lol (well the other 2 guys probably know too haha).  Well yeah he’s a celebrity so it’s probably one of his many many phone numbers but anyway at that moment I was really touched lol

Putting that touchiness aside, by the day before we were released we were all really close…  Everyone were asking Eric-gun to treat them sometime and running over him asking for his autograph haha… He gave his autograph to everyone hehe I got two (I’m keeping it safe)

He promised.. T_T but then on the day we were released you know those vans that the celebrities ride… The cool ones haha He left like a breeze on that van… In society celebrities are celebrities… The bodyguards were around him and there were a lot of fans… hehehe It felt a little sad but the people from our barrack and I just thought we had a good experience and went to a celebration party haha… We ate the things we didn’t get to eat in the station even though it was only for one month… hehe… We wanted something greasy so we went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered a whole bunch of stuff and was eating when I got a text message on my phone!!

‘Trainee number 60 Mun Jung Hyuk Choongsung! You have all worked so hard, hope you take care of yourselves outside too and let’s keep in touch!’ <- He (Eric) sent it like that haha Eric-gun just knew my phone number and I didn’t know his, but he texted me. Wow I was so surprised and I couldn’t help but smile hehe

So I said ‘OK Jung Hyuk hyung~ You’ve worked so hard too and it was an honor to get to know you (sounds stupid haha)~ Take care of yourself and let’s keep in touch!’ <- like this hehehe

He didn’t reply but I just kept staring at the first message he sent me and was so happy
So like that we ended our Chinese restaurant raid and I went back to my home in Masan hehe Ah and it finally comes to a close~ lol

It’s been a year since but still when I meet my friends or other people I still tell them about this haha Some people don’t believe me but I have evidence so they can’t help but believe me in the end LOL It was a real honor and it was a good chance to get to know a celebrity which will probably never come again in my life hehe..  Even though they’re celebrities they are all people like us and have kind-hearts.. I liked how he was so easy to approach and was just like any other person!

About a month later I tried calling him first but he wouldn’t answer lol
I didn’t try a lot… I’m sort of thinking is this the end of our relationship?
But next time I’ll try again hehe

photo caption: ㅋ ↑ ↑ that’s me!

Source: http://pann.nate.com/b200254269

Credit: Orangesixstar@shinhwa.biz + Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz


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