[09.09.21 Fan Account] 28 Nights and 29 Days of “SPECTACULAR LIVING WITH ERIC” PART II

via: Ericmun.tumblr.com

This was when I was 21 years old.  That was when most of my friends went to serve in the military and such… I really wanted to serve my country in the military as a proud and healthy man of the Republic of Korea..! But because of my eyesight, bad astigmatism and refraction T_T, I got a level 4 in the physical examination. It felt a little weird but I couldn’t do anything about it (I had my phys ex in the year 07)

If you get a level 4 you become either a public service agent or an industry agent.  At the present I am working as an industry agent at a factory in Kimhae!  I had my phys ex in 07 and started working near the start of 08 so I’ve worked for about 20 months now hehe. Industry agents have to work for 26 months so it’s a little longer… Instead you get wages for 26 months and get some community experience so it’s not that bad.


It was October 9th, 2008. It’s been about a year since. (Time goes so fast!)
Yes even those people on reservist duty have to do basic training for 4 weeks,
So I was admitted into Nonsan Training Station on October 9th.
The guys on active service were enlisting on that day… the military police… hehe… I felt really small next to them T_T

We gathered in front of the podium and talked to our parents and went on with the admittance ceremony. We were waiting when I heard someone next to me say:

Some guy A‘Hey I heard the celebrity Eric was enlisted today too~ for public service~!!!’
Some guy B‘Really? Cool.. Awesome.. Wish I could be in the same unit’

Something like that.. Wow ‘Eric’ ?!?!?!?!? [His real name is Mun Jung Hyuk hehe]
I didn’t know he was enlisting on that day.. I liked him a little (A little bit of a fan.. hehe lol) But I didn’t really give much thought to it.. lol I didn’t care that much,

Anyway we were divided up by height and were assigned to platoons.  We were given our uniforms and armor hats and were sitting according to our platoons..  When suddenly someone walked toward us along with a person who seemed to be a sergeant (Sergeant=Head of the platoon).  We were all~ sitting awkwardly but their walking toward us caught our attention.

Suddenly someone next to me went like: ‘Wow It’s Eric!!!!!!! Eric!!!!!!!!!!!’ <- the exclamation marks are a little exaggeration. He actually said it really quietly lol

I was really surprised but I saw him and recognized him. Eric-gun used to have a beard… A little tan. He had some stubble. You’re supposed to cut it all but I guess he just wanted to look cool… lol His hair was really short hehe.  Anyway we were all surprised and were wondering what platoon he would go to but then!!!!!!! He sat in our platoon about 7 seats to the right of where I was sitting..!! Hul lol!!

My platoon was Nonsan training station regiment 29 squadron 5 platoon 2? (I can’t remember really! It’s probably right ha).  Anyway our platoon is for heights about 172cm~179cm (I’m 177cm!). I know that Eric-gun is tall and later I learned that he’s about 180cm. He was supposed to go to the taller platoon 3 but platoon 2 was short of people so he came over here. I bet the guys in platoon 3 were so jealous LOL

I calmed myself down… Over 10 thousand people were enlisted on that day and our platoon was about 33 people… [10,000:33] really surprising how I got through that competition rate!! hahahaha

The first day we were allowed to wear plain clothes but they made us clean the bathroom.. T-T We cleaned the bathroom with Eric-gun haha

When I poured some water he cleaned with that water brush thing.. lol
When I looked at him closely I saw that he had some white hairs and stuff LOL I saw that the age on his profile was 31 haha  Anyway even though he’s a celebrity he’s still a human being so he sort of looked like a normal person haha

He worked so hard lol
We were appointed our barracks and they divided up the 33 people to two classes.  There was squad 1, 2, 3, 4 so they divided it up to Squad 1,2/Squad 3,4 like this Class A/Class B hehe

Photo caption: Yes sorry I have no hands T-T &%*^$*&^)*)( T-T-T-T-TAnyway it looked like that and it’s like were directly across from each other!!! Lol

In the evening we all changed into our common clothes (Free time) and we all felt sorta awkward and sorta wanted to start talking (Everyone probably felt that way…) We were all just standing there awkwardly when the guy next to me number 51 Mr. Park something haha  This guy.. I recognized his personality from the start but he can talk his way out of anything lol . Such a good talker. He coughed once and started to talk

Park: “Excuse me Eric-ssi, we’ve all met here and we’re going to be together for a long time (eee sounds so stupid lol)  So I won’t think you’re a celebrity! and since we’re all in the same class I’ll just think of you like a big brother from home. It’s ok, right?” <- He said it like that LOL and the response was

Eric-gun said: “Oh yeah it’s alright. It’ll be better for me too and since we’re in the same barrack let’s all work through this together”

He was so casual lol The guys around us were all grinning hehehe We asked all these stupid questions and such and that’s how our first day started (The story of the first day’s so long!! I’ll be going fast now!)

So that’s how it started. We went through a 4-week training system. The first week was basic personality education and mind training. We listened to a lecture together and watched videos which told us that North Korea is the enemy blahblah Amid that when the whole squadron (About 120 people) came together in a big lecture they all wanted to shake hands with Eric-gun hehe and acted like they were friends~ I understood how they felt haha

Time went by and a week had passed since we first came here and I ended up by chance one-to-one with Eric-gun washing in the morning. I hadn’t talked to him one-to-one a lot so I felt sorta nervous. I wanted to say something but I was shaking and all.. lol  So I remembered that article I read about Eric-gun. Does anyone know about the drama ‘Wolf’ from M broadcasting? hehe In that drama I heard that he was in an accident with a stunt car and was hurt really badly along with the main actress. I told him I saw that article back then and asked him whether he’s ok after that accident, and he answered that he’s ok and that he felt really bad because he didn’t get to finish that drama. So we talked about little things for a while and came back to the barracks! hehe  (I felt we got a little friendlier toward each other then LOL So proud LOL By myself LOL).


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