[CLOSED][MASS SPREE] Minwoo’s Wolf M Cap (For fans in Singapore only)

The orders are now closed. For those who have sent in your orders, please check your email for updates regarding payment and collection. Thanks!

Hello Shinhwa Fans in Singapore!

Our very first Shinhwa Singapore project! We are now doing a mass order for Minwoo’s Wolf M caps from DVD Heaven so that the shipping cost works out to be lower for everyone… The more orders there are, the less everyone has to pay for shipping!^^ You can see the various models available and the prices in USD (excluding shipping fees) of the caps below. (For more information about the individual caps, you can directly visit http://www.dvdheaven.com/ and search for “Wolf M“)

FYI – the current exchange rate is approximately USD 1 = SGD 1.30 (so USD 14.74 = SGD 19.16 / USD 13.64 = SGD 17.73 / USD 12.44 = SGD 16.17 / all prices are excluding shipping fees)

If you’re interested in joining this spree, please email us at shinhwa.spore@gmail.com in the following format, by 11.00pm (Singapore time) on 25 August 2012:

Email subject: [Wolf M order] Your name

Contact number:
Cap model [quantity]:
Total quantity:
Total price before shipping (USD):

Here’s an example:

Email subject: [Wolf M order] Nicole Shin

Name: Nicole Shin
Contact number: 91234567

Cap model [qty]: SEASON 07 Cap (Black/Gold) [1] + WOLF-M Water Cap (Orange) [2]
Total quantity: 3
Total price before shipping (USD): $41.92

After we receive your email, we will inform you of the payment details. Do note that:

– We will not take in any more orders after 11.00pm on 25 Aug

– This is open only to fans in Singapore (sorry our fellow overseas fans!), and we will be arranging for a meet-up for the collection of the caps, hopefully by mid-September.

Looking forward to your orders!^^


7 thoughts on “[CLOSED][MASS SPREE] Minwoo’s Wolf M Cap (For fans in Singapore only)

  1. Hello!
    I did sent you my orders 3 days ago but haven’t get any reply yet…
    I just want to make sure that my orders are in 🙂 looking forward for your reply!
    Thank you so much!

  2. excuse me, i’m an indonesian. i want to ask, is there any wolf-m store in singapore? or a store that sell wolf-m cap?

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