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As one man was taking a walk at night, he saw someone standing under the street lamp, searching for something.

The man who was taking a walk asked

“Are you looking for something?”

The man replied.

“Car keys”

The man who was taking a walk said.

“I will help you”

Hence the two started to search hard for the keys. But the keys were not easily found.

After a few minutes, the man who was taking a walk asked again.

“Are you sure you dropped your keys here?”

The man who lost the keys replied like this.

“Actually I dropped it at the previous road”

The man who helped look for the keys felt it was absurd and asked again.

“Then, if it’s so, why are you searching for it here?”

Therefore, the man replied.

“Because there is light here


If you’re searching for love from a wrong person, you will not be happy.

Because of that, even love, you have to study

If you know clearly who you have to be careful of, when you get married you can avoid making a grave mistake.

I don’t know why people take learning this so easy.

It’s not as though we can live life a few times.


How to love – gordon livingston


-p.s. Firstly, don’t go to the wrong places.


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