[12.08.12][News] Shinhwa Broadcast, Dongwan’s mouth billard showdown “Laughter”

“Friend who is good at sports”, the first mission was a 5:5 billard showdown. Dongwan’s meddling drew laughter from the crowd.

JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast “The Best Friend” was broadcasted on the 11th. 50 men were judges and had to observe Shinhwa through all the tasks and select “The Best Friend”. All 50 judges sat at the area of their chosen member. The first mission “Friend who is good in sports” was a 5:5 billard showdonw.

‘5:5 billard’ meant to have a 1 vs 1 showdown where each contestant has to enter 5 balls.

In the first match between JunJin and Dongwan, JunJin won the match 3 vs 2. Eric won the match as he competed against Andy, and MinWoo won when playing against Hyesung.

During the games, Dongwan kept giving ideas, making people feel burden, acting as a “Meddling king”, drewing laughter from everyone. Seeing Dongwan enthusiastically participating, Eric said “Those who are sitting in Dongwan’s area, its alright if you start moving.”

source: xsportsnews


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