[12.08.12][News] Kim Dong Wan becomes the number 1 most wanted friend in Shinhwa, why? “Like Yoo Sae Yoon” Bitter

Kim Dong Wan is the most wanted Shinhwa member to be friends with.

The rankings of “The friend who the 20s and 30s most wanted to make friends with” was unveiled in Shinhwa Broadcast episode that was broadcasted on 11th.

Voting results, Kim Dong Wan was ranked number 1 with 33 votes, JunJin second with 24 votes, Andy third with 17 votes, Eric fourth with 11 votes, MinWoo 5th with 6 votes. Shin Hye Sung was ranked last with 5 votes.

They explained why they voted for Kim Dong Wan. The reasons are: Looks friendly, doesnt seem fake, looks like Yoo Sae Yoon. Kim Dong Wan looked bitter after hearing that he looked like Yoo Sae Yoon.

The reasons for choosing JunJin: He seems like a friend who will treat us drinks, seems to play well, and seems to be very loyal to friends. Reason for choosing Andy: He looks wealthy, will be able to have delicious food when we are playing together, looks kind hearted.”

And the reason for choosing Eric: He is just as handsome as Middle East oil tycoon Mansour, same age as me.

source: newsen


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