[12.08.09][News] Shinhwa’s Andy turning from a maknae with weak existence to a maknae with crazy existence in 14 years

Shinhwa’s Andy turning from a maknae with weak existence to a maknae with crazy existence in 14 years

The maknae whose presence was once relatively weak. His presence has become more and more significant. Shinhwa’s Andy, in his “slow” pace, is gradually getting the attention.

Andy, who is the maknae of the longest running idol group Shinhwa, has become a “popular” producer. After nuturing Teen Top who is under Top Media to become a top group, we can also expect a new group 100% to be introduced soon.

From Shinhwa’s maknae to a promising music producer, nuturing juniors, Andy can be said to have a remarkable achievement in Shinhwa.

Andy was also the subject of attention during the Beijing concert in July. That day was the final Asia Tour stop for Shinhwa after completing their military service. Those who are present could not help but say “Andy has become more outstanding on stage these days as compared to the past.” To this Andy replied “I have been playing the same role just like the past.” But there is circumstantial evidence linking to his growing presence.

As compared to other members, Andy was less prominent. From leader Eric to Kim Dong Wan and JunJin, they are all active as an actor, and was gaining popularity in variety programs. Minwoo was also doing well in variety shows, and was also gaining recognition in the areas of music and dance. Shin Hye Sung released his solo ballad albums and enjoyed popularity overseas. On the other hand, although Andy acted in tv dramas such as “Lovers in Prague”, he always stayed in secondary roles.

Andy’s growing presence began after 10 years since debut. Members were scheduled for enlistment and Shinhwa activities had to temporarily stop. It started in 2008 when he became an imaginary couple with Solbi in MBC “We Got Married”. Following, Andy held his first successful solo concert in Shanghai.

Andy is the only member who is in active duty and completed his military duties in 2011. Even though there was a period of hiatus, but after military discharge, his presence has been growing continually just like the past. Top Media representative Lee Jae Hong, who have been working with Andy for 10 years stated “Andy does not care how people around view him or evaluate him. He quietly stays in his position,put in effort to play his role well and self motivating all the way. And now is the beginning to reap the fruits of hardwork.”

source: edaily

Cr: allaboutshinhwa


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