[12.08.09][Lotto Talk / Kim Dong Wan] 6-17-20-25-30-34

[Lotto Talk / Kim Dong Wan] 6-17-20-25-30-34

Your beloved star talks about their own 6 numbers. The numbers from 1 to 45. Does this seem familiar? This is “lotto”. There are still many people buying lotto even though its difficult to match the numbers. Do you know? The 6 numbers that celebrities mention might bring good luck? The first to be on Lotto Talk is Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, the new grossing actor with the movie ‘Yeongasi’.

Hello everyone, I am Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan. Thank you for liking ‘Yeongasi’ which I am starring in. Before its release, I only hope for 400 million views but it received so much love from everyone.

The numbers that I am telling are: 6,17,20,25,30,34. Are you wondering what are the stories behind these numbers?

6 Those who like Shinhwa should understand the meaning behind this number? (We) will be one only with 6 people, thats Shinhwa members, 6 persons in total. To me, Shinhwa is life, the number 6 is something which I cannot be erased from my life.

17 During my high school days, I formed a rock band called ‘Impact’. And I also challenged for EBS’s short drama’s main character. During my first year in high school, I appeared in a teenage drama “We are Y-Teen”. An age where many things were done. When I was 17.

20 I stepped into the society when the rest of the students entered university. Debuting as Shinhwa was a big turning point in my life. It was also a challenging period. The age when I became a member of Shinhwa. When I was 20.

25 Does everyone still remember ‘Brand New’? The title track for the 7th album in 2004. It was the song that we were honored with our first Golden Disk. It was a moment that was completely unbelievable. At that time, I was 25 years old.

30 Perhaps the beginning of another life. I started my public service. I was considered late to be enlisted. In fact as I entered late, I was scared and worried. However, as I started late, I actually adapted it even better.

As I have been living the life of an artist, I am unable to once properly look back on my life, having a regular lifestyle makes me able to reflect. I was 30 at that time.

34 Able to guess the meaning behind this number? Thats right, its now, Shinhwa’s return and success and my current age. And there are 4 members who are 34. (I) actually thought that we would all be married at this age. But anyway, I am really glad that we have a new start, a new result.

It seems 5 of these numbers are related to my age. All of them are either my turning point or challenges in life. Hope these meaningful figures will bring luck to everyone. Please be happy always.

source: obs news


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