[12.08.07][News] [Shinhwa Broadcast Shooting scene raid] We are forever Shinhwa!

Before the recording of Shinhwa Broadcast on July 22 at 1.30pm, there was someone nervously pacing in JTBC recording studio. The slightly stiff atmosphere was broken by Dong wan’s witty sentence that he said to MinWoo “(When recording) Its not alright to say its boring.” That day, they were recording “Best Friend” channel. Shinhwa members boast their skills through billard, balloon boxing games and quizzes and the audience will select one of the members as their friend.

[Interview] We are forever Shinhwa even though we become parents

-Shinhwa Broadcast “Guest Channel” that was aired on 16th July is still a hot topic till today. How does it felt to be on program with Shinee?

Shinee’s cheerful, vibrant looks and enthusiasm towards filming is similiar to how Shinhwa is like during our debut days, it makes us recall the days when we just debut. It reaffirms the opportunity we had during the early days once again. Thanks to Shinee, the laughter during Shinhwa Broadcast’s filming seems to have doubled. In particular the writers said that they particularly like them. (Smile)

-“Shinhwa members will continue doing these kind of variety programs even if married or becoming parents”. Are there any thoughts like this when recording for Shinhwa Broadcast?

As Shinhwa members grow older, we would often have marriage topics. But the thought of “Even becoming parents, Shinhwa activities will still continue” have never once changed. We would like to repay the fans who have always supported us by working as hard.

-Not just fans in their 20-30s, there is also a gradual increase in fans who are in their 10s. Is there any secret to be loved by various age groups?

It should be the maturity charm that we have as compared to the other idol groups as well as the next-door oppas’ friendliness. Or perhaps, the members are not only active in the music field, but also variety, musical, dramas and other various fields which allow more interaction with people from various age groups.

-These 14 years, many different images were shown to the public. Any pressure felt when encountered limits or when you have to show a new side to the public?

There was no limit. Rather, the new images that was hard to show in music programs are shown through <Shinhwa Broadcast>. Hence we are thankful. It would of course be a lie if there isnt any pressure. However, filming with the members in a relaxed atmosphere, we are able to show our unrestrained selves which is we werent able to before on other programs. The images that Shinhwa is going to show in the future are endless.

A question each for each Shinhwa member!

[MinWoo] In “Travel Channel”, farting exercise brings endless joy to many. To MinWoo, farting exercise is?

The essence of “letting oneself down”. You can try if you are curious. (Laugh)

[Eric] Deceived by the hidden camera that the members prepared in “Travel channel” What is hidden camera to Eric?

Something which I never thought of. A beautiful memory that will bring me laughter if I watch it in the future.

[Andy] Variety sense seemed to have risen recently. What is variety sense to Andy?

As <Shinhwa Broadcast> is filmed together with the other members, I am able to comfortably show myself as compared with other programs.

[Dongwan] To Dongwan, acting is?

Different from Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, its another area where I can show another side of me.

-If a famous writer offer you a very compelling casting offer but with the condition of temporarily taking a break from <Shinhwa Broadcast>, will you accept?

This has to be carefully thought over. Of course, both would require coordination to be carried out together. But to temporarily take a break from <Shinhwa Broadcast> I wouldnt want to. Even though solo activites are important, but before “Actor Kim Dong Wan” I am “Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan”. Hence I feel that it will be even more important to promote as Shinhwa.

[JunJin] The parts where you werent able to show in MBC’s <Infinity Challenge> before entering military service, it all seems to have been shown in <Shinhwa Broadcast>. Is there a difference in attitude towards <Infinity Challenge> and <Shinhwa Broadcast>?

<Infinity Challenge> taught me about variety, and I was able to learnt many things thanks to the program. In <Infinity challenge>, I was pressurized when working together with people who are good in variety, it once make me feel timid. I wasnt able to enjoy recording the program as Park Ba-ji(Park Pants) due to personal problems. On the other hand, <Shinhwa Broadcast> was recorded together with the members, hence it was enjoyable and comfortable.

[Hyesung] There are often scenes of you and Eric bickering being captured. What does Eric mean to Hyesung?

He is Shinhwa’s forever leader, someone who is silently guarding his position and to gather all of us together till now.

-Your knee injury during the concert caused many fans to worry. 

Thanks to many people’s care and concern, my injury has improved and it does not affect my daily life now. I had been working hard and preparing for the comeback stage together with the members. Its regretful that I could not show that properly on stage during promotions.

source: movie week


One thought on “[12.08.07][News] [Shinhwa Broadcast Shooting scene raid] We are forever Shinhwa!

  1. I’m sure if asked, all of them will have the same answer, that Shinhwa activities always come first. It was in the past and now is the same….. (Eric turned down that SBS’ highly popular Law of Jungle for the same reason).

    This dedications from the memberst that bring them here 14+ years later and many more years to come.

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