[12.08.07][News] Dongwan, role model for idols

Within a week, bullying among a popular girl group became the hot topic in the news, but being excluded is nothing new (to Shinhwa) as shown in JTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast that was broadcasted last weekend.

The group has lasted for 14 years without changing any members. Their previous feud did not lead to fall out and become enemies. People of different temperament gather together, there are some who are lazy, there are some who are neat, and not to mention living together, there will certainly bound to have friction.

Different personality, different viewpoints, how can it be possible to stay together quietly. Even my two kids will have clashes in their opinions and would be fighting with each other.

Let us find out the answer from Shinhwa Broadcast on how such moments of crisis can be overcome. Shinhwa went to the countryside that is filled with fresh air, clear water, far away from the city to find freedom and relaxation. The countryside channel “Shinhwa Outing & God of Rural” skillfully modelled <Family Outing> and drama <Garden Diary>. Unlike <Family Outing> where they had to deal with fishes that are alive and handling of the fish’s eyes, they just have to simply handle the fish scales and cheeks. Culinary skills are different from the ordinary standards, exceeding expectations and successfully completing it. This is not a parody, but the reorganisation is according to the wishes of the members.

After SBS <Real situation Saturday> ‘Real Romance Love Letter’, these 6 years  have turned for the better, nothing less than that. Of course, other than knowing how to be humorous, ample relaxation allows them to fill up that position.

To understand the secret to Shinhwa’s longevity.

When talking about the secret to Shinhwa’s longevity , we have to first mentioned about the leader’s qualities. It had been known through various talk shows that whenever facing any difficulties, leader Eric will unleash his extraordinary leadership skills to protect the group from collapsing. The other members’ leaderships cannot be ignored too. In particular the seemingly insensitive and not humorous Kim Dong Wan cannot be overlooked. He is in fact more funny than anyone else.

Shinhwa had carried out their activities during their T.O.P days in 1999. They are often compared with idol groups from the same period that have the same style. But they attracted much attention with the humor and talent that they shown during interviews. Shinhwa showed stark difference with the stereotypical answers that are always given by the other idols. Till today, I am still very impressed with the interview that I had with Dongwan, who was very ambitious and didnt seem like a rookie. In one of the bungee jumping program, Shin Hye Sung and Eric’s performance were also eye-catching. The group gradually become widely recognised with their unique charm. For quite a long period of time, Dongwan was mistaken as the leader of Shinhwa. It was after a long time that (I) realised he was actually a “behind-the-scenes” leader.

Although they are always teasing, they will always take care of the members. 

I remember that Dongwan will often mention about Eric’s leadership qualities and sense of responsibilities in talk shows. Its also Dongwan who testified that Eric chosen friendship over the proposal of a huge invitation during his peak period when he enjoyed high popularity because of <Bulsae (Phoenix/Firebird)> so as to move together with the members. Excellent leadership skills are very important, but to sincerely praise and be proud of members is also one of the secret to longevity? Comparing to sharing sadness, sharing joy is actually more difficult.

As he often failed to be funny and failed to properly finish the games, he is often known as the blackhole. Even so, he knows that it is a joke and will not show any grievance and he is always caring for the members. He is Kim Dong Wan. Recently, he overcame the humiliation of blackhole and aced in the games. His acting as Lee Yeok Sa in MBC’s Independence Day drama <The Peak> last year did gained recognition from everyone? Although idols in those days would even receive praises even though they did not understand acting, Dongwan in fact showed great acting in kBS <Children of Heaven>. Although several works that he starred in didnt have ideal ratings, but Dongwan’s acting skills is unquestionable.

Silently helping to unite the members, silently working hard for solo activities, Dongwan seems like the entire team’s pillar of support. Hope that Dongwan will be a role model for idols in future, and there will be more idols who mutually understand and grow maturely.

source: 10 asia

credit: allaboutshinhwa


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