[12.08.07] [E-magazine]The rising Shinhwa Broadcast…where does the strength come from?

From the low ratings of 0.336% of the first episode of Shinhwa Broadcast to the increase in ratings of 1.2-1.4%, Shinhwa Broadcast has created a record in JTBC’s variety show. The first ever variety to be named after an idol group(Shinhwa). No special guests, no professional MCs, only Shinhwa’s strength, so where did the strength came from?

▶ From SF Channel to Remake Channel, to explore a variety of materials

Firstly, diversity of materials.

Shinhwa Broadcast initial planning was ‘Program to be named after Shinhwa, showing a variety of genres and formats every week, attempting to create a new concept of Infinity Challenge.’

According to plan, as of 28th July, 11 interesting channels have been broadcasted. Going by the order SF, Sports, Documentary, Kids, Remake, Speech, Guest, MT, School, Trendy channel and the latest Countryside channel.

SF Channel (Ep 1~2) Shinhwa members are transformed into superheros, solving the tasks and saving the president’s daughter. Sports channel (Ep 3~4) through “special Olympics Games” Shinhwa displayed the unique ‘putting oneself down variety’ causing laughter outbreak.

Documentary channel (Ep 5~6) Shinhwa members filmed their personal lives for a week, revealing the real Shinhwa to everyone. Kids channel (Ep 7~8) 12 kids, aged 4-8 who were not in “Shinhwa’s generation” selected the ‘King of chicken’. In order to complete the tasks, the looks of the competitive Shinhwa were hilarious.

Remake channel (Ep 9~10) the popular long running programme ‘Family Game Room’ appeared once again, reminiscing the past through the games. Speech channel (Second half of Ep 10~11) the members compete for the title ‘God of Eloquence’ through their unique interesting stories.

Guest Channel (Ep 12~First half of ep 14) guest appearance of Shinee, playing games together with Shinhwa. MT Channel (Second half of ep 14~16), although stated to choose the ‘God of MT’, its in fact Eric’s hidden camera challenge. Eric who was fooled and the other Shinhwa members’s happy looks were recorded. After the success of the hidden camera, the 14 years of the deep and warm friendship can be felt through the video messages that the members left for Eric.

School Channel (Ep 17), although its a pity that JunJin could not participate due to his waist surgery, there are a variety of interesting and fun classroom games, basketball showdown etc.

Trendy channel (Ep 18~19) through Shinhwa’s dignity special edition, we are able to see the different characters of shinhwa through the variety of tasks. Countryside channel (Ep 20), they showed that even in countryside, there is also a unique “Shinhwa style”, bringing laughter to many.

▶ A friendship that cannot be felt in other variety programmes

Secondly a friendship that only Shinhwa possesses. The friendship that is as close as brotherhood can only be felt in Shinhwa Broadcast that consist of the 6 members but cannot be felt in other variety shows.

We can never forget the care and love that the members have for each other even though they intensely compete to win the task. And the actions and laughters that naturally stemmed out because of the deep friendship and through the games.

Especially in the trendy channel “Shinhwa’s dignity” that was aired on the 21st, their friendship can be felt even more during the black team’s punishment. Minwoo, who is unable to take spicy food, had to drink spicy seafood soup as the black team‘s punishment. MinWoo was the last to drink. Not only black team’s Eric and JunJin received the punishment, even the winning white team too. Members helping to drink the spicy seafood soup because of MinWoo, their brotherhood loyalty touched the hearts of many.

The members will also naturally bring fun and joy through their actions and games. In the recently aired “Countryside channel” the domestic team members naturally sang seasme, chilli, pumpkin, onion, garlic while in the fields, bringing laughter to many.

After gathering the vegetables, they initiated a game where the largest potato has to be picked or they would have to eat chilli. The heart-shaped potato and eating of chilli was shown in the episode.

▶ The unique color of longest running idol group Shinhwa

Thirdly, the unique color that the longest running idol group Shinhwa has these 14 years. Debuting with the song “Hae Gyul Sah” in 1998 March 24, Shinhwa has released 10 regular albums in these 14 years with many hit songs. They created the self confidence called “Freedom of inner perfection”. They are never tied down by the constraints of being an idol and proudly showed their wit in variety as well as having perfect performance on stage.

They shone in the various variety shows such as KBS Happy Together, MBC Survival Game, SBS Love Letter, Xman etc as well as non variety shows.

There will be an even greater effect when the members participate in a variety show together as a group and this can be proven in “Shinhwa Broadcast”. The teasing, the echoing, the responses towards the gags make Shinhwa Broadcast even funnier. The viewers expressed that this is not forced humour but its the “enjoyment” that caused the outbreak of laughter.

On the other hand, Shinhwa’s perfect performance on the stage truly show a “revers案例 charm”. The powerful and rhythmic dance, the perfect live that sounded flawless even without accompaniment, this is Shinhwa’s stage characteristic. Particularly represented by Wild Eyes’s chair dance and Wedding which has a high degree of difficulty in the dance choreography.

In addition, Shinhwa’s live ability was proven in Mnet Countdown’s encore stage which was shown on April 19. “Venus” their title track for the 10th album won the 1st prize. During the encore stage, it can be heard that the song only had accompaniment for the chorus “Your ma luv uh uh uh uh uh uh venus”. Shinhwa showed themselves different from other idol groups during live with the harmonization.

The joy and laughter in Shinhwa Broadcast, the perfect live stage performance and Shinhwa’s unique characteristic “Reversal Charms” makes Shinhwa Broadcast even more interesting.

The above three reasons are just analyzed based on their current looks. Shinhwa and Shinhwa Broadcast future will have to be develop by Shinhwa themselves.

No members being changed, no disbandment, the first idol group to have a history of 14 years, definitely its Shinhwa. Please look forward to them more in the future, and shouting the chant that belongs to Shinhwa – “Shinhwa San!”

Source: xsportsnews

Credit: Allaboutshinhwa


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