[12.08.05][Trans] JunJin become a genius in Thai language using the word wifi

Shinhwa experience the life in a countryside in JTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast – Shinhwa’s outing’ that was broadcast on the 4th August.

Having a meal that is cooked from what they caught, playing interesting games etc, the members gathered in the room after a tired day. However because of thai language, variety expert JunJin couldnt fall asleep.

When Shinhwa members were talking about topics related to wifi, JunJIn pronounced the word with a unique accent.

He was pleased when the members praised him and keep repeating “Can you find the wifi, how strong is the wifi signal”, speaking in a tone which sounded like Thai language.

The members explosive laughters. JunJin became a genius in Thai language. Shinhwa members could only fall asleep 2 in the morning. Whenever gathering together, there will be never ending laughters and jokes. Seeing the Shinhwa members in such a manner, the viewers are unable to hold back their laughter too.

credit: Newsen + allaboutshinhwa


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