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[12.08.19] [ImusicEntertainment FB] Dongwan’s message:

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[12.08.19] [ImusicEntertainment FB] Dongwan’s message: Today really thank you all. It’s a little regretful that my throat hurts alot so I wasn’t in a very good condition…. ㅜㅠ Even so, the fans in Taiwan were really brilliant(cheerful) so it was good. Next time I will come back after practising more Chinese songs! Thank you~

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[12.08.19] [News] if your wife is given an opportunity to have a nude pictorial shoot and will be given 500 million won

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MC: if your wife is given an opportunity to have a nude pictorial shoot and will be given 500 million won, will you be in favor or oppose it?

JunJin: If my wife wants to, we will both take together. For collection only. If its for sales, no, I wont agree.

Hyesung: I wont agree even if its 5 billion. If her dream is to take nude photos and sell, I will divorce my wife.

MinWoo:  I wont agree if its 500 million. I will consider if its 500 billion.

Dongwan: Although nude photoshoots like Rie Miyazawa’s carry positive thinkings, I will still not agree if its my own wife.

source: sports chosun

[12.08.17][JTBC Twitter] The legal age till male can access female public bath?

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The legal age till male can access female public bath?

After the correct answer is revealed, two person answering seven years old(Minwoo) and first grade(Dongwan)were being arrested by Hyesung ㅎㅎ

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Shinhwa Broadcast> Kim Dong Wan, the past where he had a crush on a woman…Meeting at a venue that cant be met! Shinhwa, the confession of “accessing female public bath” during their childhood! Tomorrow (8/18 Sat) 11:10pm Broadcast

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[12.08.16][Dongwan Naver Blog] Main page update

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The break after 20 months, but I have forgotten how to take a proper rest.

There are too many things that I have to handle that its hard to leave them behind.

After working crazily for so long, I do not like the peace and quiet that I have now.

Recharge before autumn arrive…

What should I do?


One of the large load that I am having on hand.


Working on gundam Mk2.


When will I able to color it…


I am sitting on a desk that I bought to study to make Gundam…ㅜㅠ


[12.08.15][Dongwan naver] Main page update

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 As people only wants to see the good side of me, I think I am really going crazy.